3 Tips for Marketing to Millennials


In case you haven’t noticed yet, millennials are growing up and spending more money than ever. In fact, this group of 18-34 year olds currently has $200 billion of direct purchasing power according to the U. S. Chamber of Commerce. Tack on another $500 billion of indirect spending power and you’ll start to get why being able to reach this demographic is becoming the holy grail of marketing.

The good news is that this generation’s buying power hasn’t peaked yet. In fact, it’s still decades away. The bad news is that connecting to and engaging with these digital natives is far more complex than doing the same with generations that came before them.

Here’s what you need to know to simplify your millennial marketing efforts and put you on track to building lasting relationships with them.

#1 Go Mobile

No, you don’t need to develop your own app. You just need to leverage the ones that are already being used by the 85% of millenials logging into them daily. The number of active daily visitors checking Facebook via mobile devices is actually higher than the number of people checking the social network on PCs. Not to mention both Facebook and Google let you target users with ads based on device, location, and previously communicated preferences. What better way to communicate the benefits of your product and/or service than through the device that’s attached to your target 24/7.

#2 Be Agile

There is nothing a brand can do better to connect with millennials than to have the ability to adjust their message to fit current events. It’s shows you’re listening and willing to be part of the conversations they’re having with their friends. Sure, you can hop on the holiday bandwagon with every other brand in the world, but the ones that really stand out, are the ones that can take a trending news story and turn it into social media gold. Oreo did it right in 2013 during the super bowl blackout with its tweets about still being able to dunk in the dark. Pay attention to what millennials are talking about and engage with them in a clever way. They’ll appreciate the effort and consider you one of their own.

#3 Think Hostile

Resistance to advertising and traditional marketing gimmicks is at an all-time high for millenials. Not only are they fast-forwarding through ads on TV with their DVRs but they hate being sold and can become downright hostile towards a brand that annoys them for any reason. When’s the last time you heard a millennial complaining about Red Bull’s ads? The answer is probably never. That’s because Red Bull strategically infuses its message within tactics that inform, entertain and inspire. Make your ads useful and millennials will pay attention, maybe even share the message with their network. If you don’t, you might just find various sites, hate pages and online reviews dedicated to your destruction.

Got something to add? Tell us your tips for marketing to millennials in the comment section below.

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