Every single ad that ran during the Super Bowl — in order


With 30-second spots fetching as much as $5 million a piece, we figured we’d help them get their money’s worth and list them all here on the blog.

We’ve included all the ads that aired nationally. You may remember seeing some other ads during the big game this year, but they were likely regional buys, which won’t have aired in all markets.

Let us know what you think.

First Quarter


Michelob Ultra — Breathe

Snickers — Marilyn

SoFi — Great Loans For Great People

Avocados From Mexico — First Draft Ever

Hyundai — The Chase

Apartments.com — Moving On Up

NFL — Super Bowl Babies Choir

Doritos — Ultrasound

Mobile Strike — Fight

PayPal — There’s A New Money In Town

Disney — Jungle Book Trailer

Audi — Commander

Mountain Dew — Puppy Monkey Baby

Taco Bell — Quesalupa

Marmot — Fall In Love

Squarespace – Real Talk with Key and Peele

Shock Top — Unfiltered Talk

Buick — ‘Big Day’ Feat. Odell

Advil — Distant Memory

Second Quarter


Universal Pictures — Bourne 5 Trailer

Acura — What He Said

Dollar Shave Club — Zeke

Quicken Loans — What Were We Thinking

Bud Light — The Bud Light Party

Skittles — The Portrait

Paramount — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Hyundai — Ryanville

T-Mobile — Drop The Balls

Astra Zeneca – ENVY

Persil – Proclean

WeatherTech —Resources

Coca-Cola — Hulk Vs. Ant Man

20th Century Fox — Independence Day Trailer

Toyota —The Longest Chase


Pepsi — Joy Of Pepsi

Amazon — #BaldwinBowl

No More — Text Talk

Jeep — Portraits

Third Quarter

Doritos — Doritos Dogs

Pokemon — Pokemon 20

Turbo Tax — Zero Love

MINI — #DefyLabels

20th Century Fox — X-Men Apocalypse Trailer

LG — Man From The Future

Xifaxan —Football Game


Fitbit —Dualities

Wix.com — #StartStunning

Intuit —Death Wish Coffee

Butterfinger —Bolder Than Bold

Heinz — Wiener Stampede

Honda — A New Truck To Love

Budweiser — Not Backing Down

Fourth Quarter

NFL — Super Bowl Babies Choir

Schick —Robot Razors

Jeep — 4x4ever

Axe — Find Your Magic

Kia — Walken Closet

Jublia —Best Kept Secret


T-Mobile – Restricted Bling

Budwiser – Give a Damn

Universal Pictures — The Secret Life Of Pets Trailer

Colgate —Make Every Drop Of Water Count


SunTrust — Hold Your Breath

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