Sunrun files lawsuit against Sandavol to Get Text Messages With NV Energy

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Sunrun, the third biggest U.S. rooftop solar installer, filed suit this week against Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval (R), seeking text messages between him and lobbyists for utility NV Energy about the state’s net energy metering (NEM) policy debate.

The company is hoping to expedite public records that were previously requested last month but refused by the Governor’s office.

In fact, Sandoval’s office responded to the initial request by claiming it would be extremely difficult for the state to provide an accurate time frame to publish the requested public documents.

“Given the broad scope of your request, the need for technological assistance and the limited resources currently devoted to processing and reviewing other public records requests, it is anticipated that it may take several weeks or more to determine what, if any, public records match the criteria you have provided,” Joe Reynolds, deputy legal counsel for Sandoval, wrote July 27 in a response to Sunrun’s open records request.

Per state law, an administrative response is required to be made within five days of an initial request. The Sandoval administration was able to abide by this legal standard but failed to fulfill the requested information in detail. In response to this limited response Sunrun decided to turn up the pressure.

They are essentially accusing Sandoval of stonewalling due to the battle between the rooftop solar industry and NV Energy.

Many Nevadan’s are speculating that this  could be due to the fact that two of governor’s adviser are NV Energy lobbyists. Not to mention in 1990, Sandoval was legal counsel for Utility Shareholders of Nevada for companies like NV Energy.

The altercation between rooftop solar companies and NV Energy gained popularity during the 2015 legislative session due to a state policy that allows homeowners to receive credit on their power bills for providing solar power to the grid. For nearly a decade,  the state has seemed to lack interest in the future of solar energy development despite natural energy advancements.

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