How the Twitter-Google Deal Will Change the Way You Tweet


As you may have already heard, Twitter struck a deal with Google that will once again allow tweets to be displayed within the search giant’s query results immediately after the microblogs are posted on the social network.

The deal, reminiscent of a nonexclusive agreement the two companies once began in 2009 and ended in 2011, is expected to take effect later this year and will essentially propel the “firehose” stream of content generated by Twitter’s 288 million users to the forefront of all search results.

Considering Twitter’s recent lag in user growth numbers and battle with Instagram for the crown of real-time news king, this move should not come as a surprise to anyone. In fact, it was the only move Twitter could make that could once again establish the microblogging service as the primary source for discovering what people are saying about any given topic, at every given moment.

But regardless of Twitter’s growth dilemma, this deal is going to change the way your brand tweets. Here are three reasons why:

1) Your tweets will now get more impressions.

According to Google data, it processes over 40,000 search queries every second, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day. That means that once the aforementioned deal takes effect, your tweets will now have the potential to show up in front of more people than ever previously possible.

Brands will no longer be bound by the number of followers they possess or the hashtags they use to drive impressions or engagement on the social network. Regular people, who don’t use twitter, will now be exposed to your tweets.

2) You’ll need to SEO your tweets.

What better way to market a product or service online then for it to be found at the top of every relevant search result, for free? Well, there is no better way. But, in order to take advantage of this opportunity, you will now have to search engine optimize your tweets.

We don’t exactly know what this means yet. Google hasn’t released any information on what its ranking system will be. However, if one considers Google’s current methodologies, the relevance of the tweet and amount of traffic to the account will likely be key. So long are the days of being forced to pay for play on Google, your tweets will now have the ability to earn their way to the top of the search results.

3) Tweets will now define your online reputation.

Think of a word, any word. Now imagine googling that word and finding out exactly what people are saying about it on Twitter, right now. Now imagine googling the product or service your company provides and finding out exactly what people are saying about it, right now.

Once real-time tweets start popping up in Google search, it will be crucial for marketers to not only tweet relevant topics that place them in front of their target audience but to use the network’s power to drive the narrative about their brand.

If you thought twitter was important to managing your online reputation before, watch what happens when the content its users produce is no longer restricted to being viewed on the social network and begins being pushed in front of people that would have normally only been interested in seeing Google search results. Unless marketers take immediate control of the online conversation, the ultimate third party endorsement could quickly transform into a bad review.

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**This article was originally published in Las Vegas Business Magazine after being written by our CEO**

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