Want to Practice With the Patriots in Virtual Reality?

Color shot of a young woman looking through a cardboard, a device with which one can experience virtual reality on a mobile phone.

We read a story reported by Fortune today that football fanatics can now see what it’s like to be on the field during a New England Patriots practice using virtual reality. Cool right? Apparently, Google Cardboard, Bank of America, and Visa reportedly teamed up to put the whole thing together.

Tech Crunch reports reported that some 10,000 people attending the Patriots’ game on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles received customized Cardboard viewers. The game is being held at New England’s Gillette Stadium, which holds nearly 70,000 spectators.

The virtual reality experience will take those lucky 10,000 fans through the locker room and training facility, and onto the field. They have also released a 360 degree video so that the rest of us can get a sense of what the experience would be like. You can check it out below or read the rest of the story at Fortune. It’s not quite virtual reality but you can move around in the video to see what’s going on in any direction.


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