Why You shouldn’t be Worried about Instagram’s Algorithm Changes


Today a slew of celebrities, bloggers and social media aficionados unleashed an “insta-freakout” after they began alerting their followers to turn on post notifications for future access to their photos, videos and messages.

The freak out came in response to Instagram’s recent announcement that it’s planning to move from a reverse chronological feed to an algorithmically-based timeline, with the hope that it can help users keep up with the people they care about the most.

While, you’ve probably seen a bunch of people in your Instagram feed desperately trying to get their followers to adjust with notifications for the past two days, here’s why you shouldn’t be worried about Instagram’s algorithm changes:

It’s a good thing.

What’s actually happening is that Instagram is now going to show you more of what you want, based on your actions. They’re not taking anything away. They’re just making it so that the good content wins your attention first.

The content at the top won’t be chronological order anymore, but once you scroll down after about 6 pieces of content, you’ll get back to the stream and everything goes back to normal.

Why is Instagram doing this?

Because they know that if there’s too much noise, people stop paying attention.

It’s why Twitter is failing and Facebook continues to dominate user retention numbers. Too many posts to view equals a waste of time and energy for the user if there’s no good way to prioritize them. Instagram is simply helping you manage the growing number of posts available to you.

What should you do if you want your brand’s posts to show up in feeds of your followers?

Post good content. It’s really that simple and the same goes for almost any other network. If it’s anything like Facebook’s algorithm, which is likely, it will be heavily based on engagement numbers. That means the more users “like” and “comment” on your posts, the more they will be seen. Video will likely be heavily favored as well.

If you need help creating good content. Give us a call.

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